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Bocado’s Restaurant and Bar

Overall rating: 5/10

Total bill: $19.15 (Ropas Vieja and tip)

After aimlessly driving around in the Neartown/Montrose area due to some dubious road closures, I happened across Bocado’s Restaurant & Bar – a “fine Tex-Mex” joint close to University of St. Thomas.

I gotta say, guys – I was really looking forward to this one.  Walked in about 6pm to find it completely empty, which is a bad sign for a bar next to a college with a happy hour (maybe that’s just me?)

Gonna keep this review short and sweet – I had an item on the menu that was under the Cuban section(I got all excited about the plantains) called “Ropas Vieja/o” (not sure and the website doesn’t provide these particular menu items) Although it looked much like pot roast, it was completely dry.  The seasonings tasted good and plantains on the side are always a plus, but this was almost unacceptable.  As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I am by no means a food expert, but I doubt the intention of this traditional dish is for it to take approximately 75 chews to get through.  Maybe a little harsh, but if I’m going to order a $16 dollar menu item, I expect quality.

Check it out yourself if you don’t believe me, but then again maybe I should have checked out the Tacos al Carbon as the “The Best Tacos al Carbon you must eat before you die” in the Texas Monthly December issue 2006.

1312 West Alabama Street
Houston, TX 77006-4206
(713) 523-5230

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Taco Milagro

Nachos were definitely best in show at Taco Milagro

Nachos were definitely best in show at Taco Milagro

Rating: 4/10

Total bill : <$12 (3 tacos, tortilla soup and a frozen marg)

Well.  I ate here. I must say the choice was hastily made as Aubrey chose Star Pizza that night, but I had had it the previous evening. In retrospect, I wish we’d eaten here instead.

After a few texts and some suggestions, we decided to go to Taco Milagro at Kirby and Westheimer… looking chic I must say (from the oustide)

The inside looks a bit like I’m at spring break in Padre, which turned me on to the happy hour.  3.50 Margs. I’ll take it!

There was also a quite intriguing salsa bar (that I’ve read rave reviews on) that left me and the rest of the crew a bit confounded.

Let me explain:

Mango salsa = sweet and sour sauce

Salsa Negra = BBQ sauce

Other salsas = rather soupy

Now, I’m not sure if this is how these salsas are supposed to taste, but I typically let my mouth/stomach speak for me in these situations, authentic or not and neither of them liked it.

I ordered the Crispy Chicken Tacos.  I clearly did not look at the menu description as I expected them to be crispy chicken in flour tortillas.  No, shredded chicken in crispy tacos.  Disappointment ensues. The tortilla soup it came with was decent, and the tacos were okay too.  I mean, how can you mess up a taco? (I think I’ve said this before)

The only person who actually thumbsed up their meal was Whitney, who got nachos. I tried one and it was pretty good, see picture above.

Verdict = Bleh. Everyone agrees. The end.

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Bodega’s Taco Shack!

Rating: 9/10

Total bill: <$15 (3 tacos, rice, beans and horchata)

Holy crap, this place was DELICIOUS. The reason why I wanted to try it was because of a review I’d read saying they serve cucumber lemonade there and that sounded so crisp, I couldn’t wait to try it.

Located in the medical/museum district off Binz street, it looks a bit like a chain restaraunt with a Freebird’s/Chipotle type setup where you choose your meal (taco, nacho, burrito, quesadilla… etc), then your meat, the fixing, and the sauce(s).

Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin. The options you have to choose from are endless – 5 tpyes of meat, at least 15 fixins and at least 9 sauces.

I went with tacos, so I could try as many flavor combinations as possible and  Whitney chose a quesadilla.

Kelsey’s meal: Each fixin on the taco was the same (corn relish, lettuce, tomato and cheese)

Taco 1: Crispy, carnitas, and pineapple sala.

Taco 2: Corn, spicy ground beef, cilantro serrano sauce

Taco 3: Flour, rotisserie chicken, ancho honey sauce

Beverage: Horchata (a cinnamony milky drink… pretty good, but the texture was confusing to me)

Whitney’s meal:

I don’t even remember but I know it was rotesserie chicken and had the cilantro serrano sauce.

Bev: pepino y limonada (cucumber lemonade…. which was VERY refreshing.  Whitney ended up linking the horchata better, and I like the cuke lemonade, so we switched!)


This is the first meal I have had (since Oporto’s) that I actually verbally said “mmm” at.  No joke. I spent about 10 bucks for the hole meal, with the bev’s being about 2.50 and including a side of rice and beans. De-fucking-licious. Eat there. You will NOT regret it. I want to eat here at least once a week.

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