The Grove

Rating: 7/10

I think the Grove really has a lot to offer from an ambiance perspective – the dining room is absolutely beautiful.  The decor is crisp, warm and modern and the feel is not stuffy at all. I think it’s a really nice spot for a date – especially if the Treehouse deck is open.  I haven’t had the chance to dine “al fresco” although I’d hoped to both times – it was closed on both occasions.

The food is by no means spectacular, but it’s also pretty good. Some menu items I have tried were fresh fish ceviche (tilapia), 4oz filet, and seared ahi tuna – all sufficiently tasty, just not the best I’ve had. I also sampled a couple signature cocktails – the cucumber rose and the ginger margarita – again, both decent.

I think the prices at the Grove might be worth it with great company and beautiful weather.    I would suggest to come for drinks and appetizers – nothing too heavy.  Next time I return,  it will be to try the Salumi outdoors.



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3 responses to “The Grove

  1. I went when The Grove first opened and really enjoyed the atmosphere and ambiance. The food is really good, but like you mention, not OMGbestfoodofmylife good. It seems fresh, refreshing, and fun. We’re going again for my sister’s birthday on Monday. I’m curious to see how it is now.

  2. Kelsey

    I would really like to know what you think about it! Keep me posted.

  3. Kevin

    Hi Kelsey…I found your blog surfing around for Houston area food blogs…really think it is great. And couldn’t agree with you more about Grove. About three months ago I started my food blog and have had a great time with it…and even wrote a review of Grove. Feel free to check it out:

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