Oh Hi.

I have taken an unannounced hiatus from blogging on the Houston food scene because I grew uninterested in new food conquests and, more importantly, was on a money saving spree – preventing me from trying certain restaurants that are a bit on the pricier side/that require a date.  Why bother?

In the meantime, I have tried quite a few places on my “cheap/not date” list which I will briefly cover below:


Rating: 9 (super prices, food and hummus!)

I have now been to Chatters about 5 or 6 times since I moved to my new apartment which is conveniently located across the street from this adorable little restaurant. This is going to be a staple for sure.  I cannot emphasize how delightful the Chicken salad is – its not too chunky or mayo-ey. Go Wednesday nights for half price bottles of wine. Skip the Pacific Rim Caesar Salad.

Max’s Wine Dive:

Rating: 9 (Great HH prices!!)

I made the mistake of going to Max’s while trying to diet.  Not only did I devour the Drunk Bread, but I proceeded to drink an entire bottle of Malbec.  Genius.  I love appetizer meals, which makes me partial to establishments such as Max’s.  Gotta say the Bocadillo burgers at Oporto’s far surpass the slider at Max’s but other than that, I can’t complain. We also predicted a huge wait (every time I pass Max’s it’s overflowing) but at 5:30, we were promptly seated and served.

We ordered:

Gator Bites – skip skip skip.  we just wanted to say we at alligator.

Max & Cheese – I liked it, others didn’t.  Depends on if you prefer Kraft or gourmet mac n cheese really.

Pan Borracho (drunk bread) – it is so good after 3 glasses of wine.

Sliders (buffalo meat) – skip these and get the Bocadillo’s at Oporto’s

Something else that involved fried jalapenos – yum


Rating: 9 (I might skip the hummus here, a bit authentic.  Is that an insult?)

I recently decided Mediterranean was my fave food genre since I can no longer eat Asian (unless it’s by myself.) I have been to Aladdin’s before awhile ago per a friends recommendation, and this time I went for lunch.  At around $10 you get a heaping plate of freshly prepared meat and sides you choose cafeteria style (so many to choose from and 2 can easily share a plate).  While I am no connoisseur on what Mediterranean should taste like, I do know that I liked every drop of what I put in my mouth.  The potatoes!!! Spectacular. Eat there now.

Taco’s A G0 Go

Rating: 8 (great for cheap a la carte tacos)

Get a Barbacoa taco.  You’re welcome. Next time I’m going for breakfast.

Pros: cheap, quick, funky decor

Cons: hard to find parking (or in general), overrated dessert tacos

Goode’s Company BBQ

Rating: 4

Everything was dry, even the jalapeno cheese bread.  Good and cheap Houston BBQ – where are you? Don’t make me go to Hickory Inn!

Dolce Vita Pizzeria Enoteca

Rating: 10 (for the margherita pizza, anyways)

One of the “more expensive” places on the list, especially for a pizza place, but I couldn’t skip a place boasting “best pizza in Houston”  Thin crust: check. Wood-burning oven: check.  The margherita literally MELTED IN MY MOUTH. Twas amazing.  The “calabrese”, on the other hand, left something to be desired, but I believe that’s simply because my head expected it to be much more similar to pepperoni.  Yes, I eat Dominos pizza people.  I am not cultured enough for the “spicy salami”  One day… one day. The third pizza was the special – I believe it involved leeks and Italian sausage.  Everyone agreed this was not their favorite, but ate it anyways.


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