DaCapo’s Pastry cafe

Rating: 5/10

Total Bill: around <$10 for a ham sandwich and fruity Caesar salad combo, cherry iced tea, and no dessert.

Hopefully the desserts are all the rage as they are said to be, but after having lunch, I must say as far as fare, I was left with something to be desired.

I’d been wanting to try this cafe in the Heights for a long time – it looks cute, sells tons of desserts, and has a menu that is what I’m all about: sandwiches.

Unfortunately, I could have made a better sandwich myself. Maybe this is the idea DaCapo’s is going for – a home type feel, like you’re eating in your own kitchen – I SWEAR my Mamaw has the same dishes the sandwich and salad I ordered were served in.

I had a ham sandwich and fruity Caesar salad. I also need not go into detail because they are exactly what you’d expect. Larz opted for the Chicken Salad and a cup of Italian Chicken noodle soup.


Now as a Chicken Salad expert, Lauren couldn’t even eat the HALF of the sandwich she got. If that doesn’t say something, I don’t know what does. She would bathe in Chicken Salad if she could.

I will say 2 positive things about DaCapo’s…

1) The cherry Iced Tea was delicious and free refills

2) The Italian Chicken soup was extremely savory.

All I have to say is that I won’t be back unless it’s for dessert and dessert only… soooory.


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