Rating: 9/10 (-1 for the Beaver Balls)

Total Bill: $~25 (pork sandwich, mac, slaw, pomegranate collins and a st. arnolds lawnmower… don’t judge me)

Oh hi, giant sandwich from Beaver’s. God Bless Aubrey for ordering this gargantuan sandwich, although it did take 2 people to finish it off.  I also wish I had taken pictures of everyone’s meal, or at least the Beaver Balls… but whatever.

FINALLY I GET TO GO TO BEAVERS! I had been looking forward to this day for awhile (sad, I know) and it finally came September 15, 2009.

While it doesn’t really look like much on the outside, Beaver’s is like a chic lodge on the inside with a full bar and a generously priced menu.  Everyone that was in my company agreed that we felt we’d spent a day on the slopes and were relaxing for a bite afterwards.

Since I had been so excited to go, I decided to go for things I knew I would enjoy – a Pomegranate Collins (a bit too Collinsy for me.. very sour.. but still enjoyable) and a pork sandwich with slaw and mac n’ cheese. Don’t worry, I’ll get to the giant sandwich above later.

Sandwich: excellent taste, perfect texture for a BBQ sandwich… nice and mushy, but not mushy enough to make the bun saggy and pull apart.  The slaw was a bit different, as I believe it was intended to be, with a more vinegary feel… not the creamy kind you’re used to.  Now, the Mac N’ Cheese.  Me and Mac have a love hate relationship because I LOVE the way it tastes, but I HATE that it has absolutely no nutritional value and that I can’t justify eating it for every meal if I still want to remain “physically suitable.”  Sorry future husband, because you are in for a RUDE awakening of macaroni and cheese for every meal for the rest of your life. Hooray!

….. back to the review: the Mac N’ Cheese was heaven.  It was everything gourmet Mac should be, corkscrew pasta, Parmesan and cheese gratin… like a little ramekin of Heaven!

Onto the Pit Boss Chickwich (pictured above).  The only negative I heard about it was how it sits atop the coleslaw, causing the bottom half of the bun to disintegrate.. let’s be functional, Chef Jonathan Jones, and put it to the side.  How one can even go about eating it remains a physical feat.. so let’s keep the bun together, shall we?

For information’s sake, this is what is found inside the monster sandwich:

“All-natural smoked shredded chicken made sloppy with “Ring of Fire” BBQ sauce, a fried egg, crispy cornmeal onions, cole slaw and pickle.”

I think $15 might actually be a reasonable asking price, since this can easily feed a family of 4.

Since this is a review, not a novel, I will skip to the Beaver Balls.  Don’t order them… unless you like the taste of “fried” with a little chocolate in there somewhere.  It reminds me of Long John Silver’s heinous crumbs.  Maybe we just got a bad batch, but maybe some people just like everything fried.

And don’t get me wrong… Beaver’s and I will see much more of each other in the future.


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  1. I had been looking forward to trying Beaver’s too and just recently had the chance! I also ordered the mac n’ cheese. I am a huge fan of Kraft mac n’ cheese, so nothing could be that, but I agree that it was really good for gourmet mac.

    I also really liked the fried pickles (and the dipping sauce they came with) – and I normally hate pickles.

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