Sushi Edition: Blue Fish II and Kubo’s

Oh you know, just eating some sushi.

Oh you know, just eating some sushi.

One of my favorite things (among several others) about when Emily comes into town is that I get to eat sushi. Since her trip in town was extra long, we got to eat sushi TWICE. Jackpot.

I’ll keep the Blue Fish part short, as I was not impressed. Emily and I went to the Blue Fish House II in Sugarland (sorry, no pictures!) and ordered a veritable smorgasbord of sushi for sampling and a couple glasses of wine.

Rating: 5/10

Total Bill: <$15 (splitting everything below in half and a glass of white wine)

We chose:

  • Green salad (with Ginger Dressing) $3 (both of us ordered this)

The dressing was nice, but not my favorite ginger dressing (Benihana’s!)

  • Cutie hama roll – yellowtail, avocado, onion, flying fish roe, sprout, with mayonnaise ($6)

Although this was Emily’s choice, I liked it better than mine. It had an okay taste, and I enjoyed the onion.

  • Jade roll (6pcs.) – eel (but I subbed in red snapper), flying fish roe, seaweed salad, cucumber, special sauce ($7)

Def expected this to be the pièce de résistance of the meal, but I was totally disappointed.  Em liked it, but still wasn’t wowed.

  • Alaska roll – fresh salmon, avocado ($4)

Pretty solid, but I hate to say my favorite roll of the night was not a specialty roll.  Specialty rolls are what make a sushi place memorable.  Well, that and freshness.

For sushi in the Sugarland area, you can’t beat Japainero’s, located in Town Square. Excellent signature rolls!!


Onto Kubo’s in Rice Village.  I’ve read before it should be a staple in the Houston sushionista’s diet, so I gave it a go. Ironically, I did not end up ordering sushi but did end up sampling some of Emily’s – I was impressed.

Rating: 8.5/10

Total bill: >$15 (Edamame, Tonkotso Ramen and Iced Tea)

  • Edamame ($4)

Typical and yummy.  I love this appetizer.

  • Tonkotsu Ramen – Pork Based Traditional Egg Noodle Soup with Braised Pork, Boiled Egg and Spinach ($8.50)

While it is not a substitute for Phở by any means, this ramen is also nothing like ramen noodles you buy for 15 cents at HEB.

Tonkotsu Ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen

Clearly, I don’t like the pickled pink things (yes, I am legit) or the boiled egg, the broth was so good – light yet savory. I often save the soup for being sick or cold weather, but I had always wanted to try Ramen at a Japanese place and I was very satisfied. A+!

As for the sushi,  Emily chose to have:

  • Tiger Eye roll (5 pc.): (this might not be 100% accurate, but) Salmon, cream cheese, fresh jalapeno, and masago ($7.50)

Emily was literally obsessed with the Tiger Eye roll.  It’s that bit of fresh jalapeno that does it for me personally.

  • Spicy tuna (8 pc.): spicy tuna on the inside, rice and masago on the outside ($6.50)

Spicy tuna delivered quite nicely, as the spice wasn’t a completely wasabi saturated taste. Verrrry nice.

Spicy Tuna, Tiger Eye, and soy sauce: Oh My! (i'm dumb)

Spicy Tuna, Tiger Eye(top), and soy sauce: Oh My!

That caption is kinda dumb.  Anyways, its 4:45 am and I can’t sleep. I’ll see you again soon, Kubo’s.

Side note: I want some Pho soon. Real soon.



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2 responses to “Sushi Edition: Blue Fish II and Kubo’s

  1. wt

    if you like sushi, get yourself to the dragon bowl on 11th in the heights and talk to kevin bagley. best in town.

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