Taco Milagro

Nachos were definitely best in show at Taco Milagro

Nachos were definitely best in show at Taco Milagro

Rating: 4/10

Total bill : <$12 (3 tacos, tortilla soup and a frozen marg)

Well.  I ate here. I must say the choice was hastily made as Aubrey chose Star Pizza that night, but I had had it the previous evening. In retrospect, I wish we’d eaten here instead.

After a few texts and some suggestions, we decided to go to Taco Milagro at Kirby and Westheimer… looking chic I must say (from the oustide)

The inside looks a bit like I’m at spring break in Padre, which turned me on to the happy hour.  3.50 Margs. I’ll take it!

There was also a quite intriguing salsa bar (that I’ve read rave reviews on) that left me and the rest of the crew a bit confounded.

Let me explain:

Mango salsa = sweet and sour sauce

Salsa Negra = BBQ sauce

Other salsas = rather soupy

Now, I’m not sure if this is how these salsas are supposed to taste, but I typically let my mouth/stomach speak for me in these situations, authentic or not and neither of them liked it.

I ordered the Crispy Chicken Tacos.  I clearly did not look at the menu description as I expected them to be crispy chicken in flour tortillas.  No, shredded chicken in crispy tacos.  Disappointment ensues. The tortilla soup it came with was decent, and the tacos were okay too.  I mean, how can you mess up a taco? (I think I’ve said this before)

The only person who actually thumbsed up their meal was Whitney, who got nachos. I tried one and it was pretty good, see picture above.

Verdict = Bleh. Everyone agrees. The end.


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