Paulie’s (save room for cookies!)



Rating: 7/10

Total bill: < $20 (Small portion Conchiglie & Broccoli, Bellini, and a raspberry shortbread cookie)

You definitely do not miss out on value when dining at Paulie’s on Westheimer.  It is clear that the food is fresh, fast and made with high quality ingredients.  Paulie’s is the perfect place for those on a tight budget to dine for a few reasons:

1) Counter service (read: no huge tips!) and a chic and comfortable ambiance. Check the snooty at the door.

2) Sizable portions, literally.  One can order each menu item in either the “regular” or “small” portion size – music to the ears of those who hate eating leftovers. Still, the small portions are more than enough.

3) Variety.  Paulie’s offers Daily Specials, pastas both light and hearty, Italian classics, salads, and an impressive sandwich lineup.  With a selection like this, it is easy to find something to satisfy the pickiest eater’s palette.

4) Oh, the cookies! From $1.50 to 2.50 a pop, Paulie’s cookies are to die for.  If the descriptive terms “buttery” and “crumble in your mouth” don’t capture your attention, who knows what will. Try the raspberry shortbread, trust me.

Who says you have to bust out the Benjamins for tasty Italian food? At Paulie’s, you can easily get a satisfying meal for under $20, including a glass of wine (or bellini!) and a dessert.  They even throw the delicious, garlic Panini pressed bread in for free!  Just save room for a cookie, for the love of God.

What I ordered:

Conchiglie & Broccoli (small): very very simple, but good.  You can tell it’s fresh fo sho.

Bellini: $5.  Some people said it was strong.  I said it was perfectly fresh and delicious and served in a stemless wine glass. Classy!

Raspberry and Shortbread cookie. 10/10. Read above for more details.

Penne & Shrimp Genovese (and garlic bread)

Penne & Shrimp Genovese (and garlic bread)

Chicken Piccata

Chicken Piccata

Chicken Parm

Chicken Parm

Conchiglie & Broccoli

Conchiglie & Broccoli

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