Uptown Sushi

Rating: 7/10 – a little meat markety for me, but still fresh sushi!

Total bill: <$20 (One roll, one sushi bite, and water)

I love sushi.  Unfortunately, I don’t get to eat it too much because most of the people I dine out with don’t like Sushi. Or even Asian.  Eventhough its my favorite genre of food. *Insert more complaints*

So, anyway I went out with Coree and I decided after doing comprehensive research on the best sushi in Houston, I came to Uptown Sushi, located in Uptown Park (Galleria Area)

I walked in at 7pm, and this is what my first impression was:

“Oh no, I am not going to be able to afford this dinner”

Some aesthetic observations:

1. It’s dark in there.  Unnaturally dark. And cold.  It was a strange feeling when I walked from the bright Houston heat into a candle lit meat freezer.

2. You might be paying for the atmosphere.  I knew it would be a little trendier of a place, but gave it the go ahead anyways, secretly hoping to meet a rich lawyer or something there. Oh me. Anyways, along with the dark and the cold, you can smell the snooty. No one was rude or curt with us, but we’re both 20 something women, so I’m not that surprised.

We settled at the sushi bar (no tables were available for 15-20 minutes) and the waitress promptly took our drink orders and unwrapped Coree’s chopsticks for her. I’d already unwrapped mine. Me classy.

My order:

Red Roll ($10): Avocado, cucumber, fresh jalapeno, sprouts and shrimp on the inside with thin slices of tuna and their spicy red pepper paste on the outside.

Well, it’s definately red.  When I envisioned “red pepper paste” i saw the typical Japanese spicy mayo, so I got pretty excited about it.  This red pepper paste looks like cubed red jell-o.  Still good, though. The roll had 8 pieces and was definately fresh. You can taste all the elements of the roll in each bite, but it was still pretty tiny. Overall, good.  I’ll go with a different one next time…

Sea Salt Snapper ____ ($4):I left that little blank because Uptown sushi has a title for menu items off this list.  What they are are little one bite pieces of sushi that are chef created and aren’t supposed to be enjoyed with soy sauce.  I was intrigued by them, so I had one. Delicioso (because I can’t say delicous in Japanese)! I couldn’t find what exactly what was on it on the website, but from my memory, it’s a piece of fresh Snapper, topped with garlic, sea salt, and what appeared to be caviar. I don’t know though, but it was definately black fish eggs.

P.S. – I know I didn’t take pictures, but since no one reads this…. who cares. Also, I felt like a hilbilly taking pictures of my food in such a classy joint.


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