Luling City Market

Rating: 4/10

Total bill: <$13 (1/2 lb ribs, potato salad and a Lone Star)

I only really enjoyed 2 things about this place:

1) The BBQ sauce  (Aubrey informed us that it’s mustard-based, and I lorve me some mustard)

2) The atmosphere. I genuinely felt like I had been transported to a small East Texas town for a couple hours.

Brad, Aubs and I had the ribs and came to the same consensus: a bit overpriced for some mediocre BBQ.

For a place as heavily pushed at Luling’s, I thought the meat was pretty  dry. And by pretty, I mean UBER.  When the little food server man cut the ribs, they appeared to be rare and red on the inside.  I got excited for nothing. Twas all a facade.

Whitney had the chopped beef sandwich that I think she liked alright because she ate it all… which, as we all know, rarely happens. But who can really mess up a chopped beef sandwich? It’s like making a bad taco. Impossible.

Potato salad was the pretty standard molded by an ice cream scoop stuff. Nothing special.

On top of the sub par food, the “service” wasn’t so pleasant either.  I had to walk up to the bar, clad with what appeared to be regulars, and the bartender was short with me and frowning at the same time. I didn’t much appreciate it.

Next time, I’ll try Beaver’s. This place has rave reviews.

Luling City Market is located at 4726 Richmond, just inside the loop.

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