Little Big’s

Rating: 8/10

Total bill: <$12 (Trio and sangria)

Little Big’s gets an 8 because I like the ambiance. Burgers + Adult drinks = heaven.  Amirite?!

I was also ravenous at this point in the day, having not eaten anything prior.  I think I’d like eating outside a lot more if I wasn’t sitting in 100 + degree weather, but what are you gonna do?

I got excited about this place for 2 reasons:

1) It’s exactly 2 minutes away from my apartment

2) I love sliders. They’re cute. You know that Burger King commercial where the girls squeal at the mini burgers? I’d do that in real life.

So, I had the trio.  Two beef, one chicken.  ~$6. I’ll start with the beef. Heh.

Beef: I liked the onions and the bun.  The beef was ok. Maybe I’m used to less fatty meats, but this was still pretty good. Add the secret sauce and it makes it better. Unfortunately, I was unaware of the “condiment bar” until after the first beef slider.

Chicken: Picture a Chick-Fil-A mini chicken sandwich (it even had a pickle!)…except way jucier. I liked it a lot better than the beef ones, but that’s probably because I prefer chicken over beef.

Fries: Perfect and crispy.  And cheap for such a huge order. 2, maybe 3 people could split this.

Drank: Pink something or other frozen Sangria drink.  Preeetty preeettty pretty good.  Except it tastes a wee bit like cough syrup.  Not too much, but if you don’t take your lips off the straw (like me) that’s when you get the taste. Best part of the meal though.

So, Little Big’s, I’ll definately eat there again when its cold and I want a mini Chicken burger.

Update: I recently found out that Little Big’s shares the same owners as Houston’s REEF, one of whom (Bryan Caswell) was named one of the Top Ten Best Chefs of 2009 by Food and Wine Magazine.

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