Five Guys Burgers and Fries (Voss)

Rating:  (7/10)

Total bill: < $10 (burger, fries and soda)

Side note: I know this is not a local place, but I always wanted to try it.

Yummmmmm.  The ordering structure is a 5 step process. Like the title. Bwa ha ha. Here goes:

1) Do you want a burger or a hot dog?

2) Do you want cheese?

3) How much meat you want on that thang?

4) Add your fixins of choice (like 15 to choose from)

5) Fries/ no fries

So, they cook all the burgers the same, and I prefer mine to be a little more rare, but pretty juicy still.  I ate the smaller version cheeseburger. So juicy! I couldn’t even eat that whole thing.  Whitney and I split the larger order of fries and had so much left over, we took them home so we could drunkenly devour them.  When that time came, there were enough fried to satisfy 3 drunk people. Imagine that.  Good price, good food, and pretty fast. I love burgers, so thumbs up.

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