Mint Cafe

Rating: 7/10

Total bill <$20 (Appetizer, tea, and shwarma w/ 2 sides.. which lasted 2 meals technically)

Dinner Tuesday is maybe one of the nights I look the most forward to in a week.  I mean, I sit around my apartment and play with Bernie all day while other people have real jobs.  *sigh* Aubrey was out of town for this one, and yes, I am dating this blog entry for the actual dinner date even though I’m writing this entry July 27th.

ANYWAY. Mint Cafe.

I also would like to take this time to kick myself AGAIN for not bringing a camera to meals so I can show everyone what I ate.

Appetizer: Kibbeh. Super yummy balls with what appeared to be meat and pine nuts and some seasonings.  After revieweing the online menu, “fried kibbeh balls with beef, pine nuts, and minced onions”  Actually, the reason why I chose this plae was because I read online that Mint Cafe put someones “grandma’s kibbeh to shame.” Although I had never heard of kibbeh, nor knew what it was, anyone who says a restaraunts food puts their own grandma’s home cooking to shame is worth trying.

What I ate: Beef Shwarma. Overall, decent.  Now, I don’t know much about Lebanese tastes and my own might differ what what traditional food tastes like, but I felt this was a bit heavy on the mint and parsley. Also, they were out of the spiced potatoes and I recieved what I like to call a tease (a spoonful of what they had left) which was utterly delightful.  I had to go with fries as my second choice, which were also decent (aka. Ore-Ida fries sprinkled with Tony’s) Hummus was also pretty good.

NOW. The next day, I ate the second half of the Shwarma, cold.  It was SO delish.  Maybe because I put a little ranch dressing on it, but maybe not.  Either way, I gobbled that thang up.

Well done, Mint Cafe.

Update (8/18) I just read Mint Cafe was closing. This makes me sad. I’m sorry to see a good authentic place go!


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