Antonio’s Flying Pizza

Rating: 6/10

Total bill: <$20 (calzone and glass of house chianti)

It’s right off Hillcroft and Westheimer.

The thing I like the most about it was the overal “Italian” feel.  It is truly a family run restaraunt.  You walk in to see the pizza tossing area, and the owner (maybe) delivers your meal uttering italian phrases. I honestly felt like I was back in Rome throughout the meal.

The restaraunt was Aubrey’s choice, and I had wanted to eat here for quite some time.  Mainly because of the little sign in front of a man throwing a pizza in the air.  Each little pizza lights up every second, one by one, to give the very believable illusion that a red figure 8 is being tossed in the air.

First I’ll begin with what everyone had.

Appetizer: Garlic bread (delicious, but, I’m pretty sure I could make it)

Kelsey: Calzone with mushrooms, onions and pepperoni

Aubrey: Pizza with spinach, tomato and garlic… half olive oil and half sauce

Brad: Baked ziti

Whitney: Pepperoni pizza

I had a bit of everyone’s meal, mine was pretty decent for a calzone, but I’m pretty sure I could get one just as good at Sbarros.  It also made for an okay lunch today. Brad’s was the most delicious as it looked homemade and tasted the part as well. Whitney’s pizza was a little oily.

Also, I had a delicious glass of house Chianti.

Not the best italian I’ve ever had, but I wouldn’t mind eating here again.

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